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Swedish Massage

Long, broad, flowing strokes and continuous movement provide stress relief and relaxation, while also increasing circulation and balancing the body and mind. Swedish massage is the most commonly known form of massage in the West, is deeply relaxing and highly restorative.  A 2010 Cedars Sinai Medical Center study found a single 45-minute session of firm pressure Swedish massage decreases the primary stress hormone cortisol and increases circulating lymphocytes (the white blood cells that defend the body against disease).


Tui-Na Acupressure

TuiNa, or Chinese Medical Massage, involves many flowing, vigorous movements which penetrate deeply into the physical and energetic body. Acupressure opens the meridians and gains quick access to the musculoskeletal and emotional layers of the body. This is done by applying stimulus to acupuncture points with fingers, hands, and/or tools. These techniques tend to be very different than those used in Western massage, and can be used to address chronic and acute conditions.


Raindrop Therapy

This soothing and relaxing therapy uses a sequence of therapeutic grade essential oils, which are dispensed onto your spine like little drops of rain.  The frequency of these anti-microbial oils is enhanced and absorbed into your skin using gentle massaging strokes and the application of warm towels on your back.  This stimulates the bodies energy impulses and brings it into structural balance and realignment by reducing inflammation and the viral agents that are responsible for it.

The vita flex points of your lower legs and feet are also massaged using the oils.  Vita flex simply means "vitality through the reflexes".  The vita flex technique appears to have originated in Tibet thousands of years ago.  It is based on a network of reflex points that stimulate all the internal body systems through electrical charges within the pathways of the nervous system.  This technique works to release many kinds of tension, congestion, and imbalances within your body




Raindrop Technique$100.00 / 60 minutes
Swedish Massage$35.00 / 30 minutes
Swedish Massage$65.00 / 60 minutes
Swedish Massage$95.00 / 90 minutes
Tui-Na Acupressure$35.00 / 30 minutes
Tui-Na Acupressure$65.00 / 60 minutes
Tui-Na Acupressure$95.00 / 90 minutes
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